Evangelization Initiatives

After your parish / personal evangelization project or event is complete, use the form below to submit it to ashley(dot)grunhovd(at)fargodiocese(dot)org. Thank you!

Also available: printable form (PDF). Print out the form, complete it and mail it in (or scan it and e-mail it to ashley(dot)grunhovd(at)fargodiocese(dot)org).

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Areas of Improvement
Ashley Grunhovd from the Diocese of Fargo Office of Evangelization may contact you for more information.
Do you have any stories of fruit you have seen from it? Have you seen God at work in people’s lives through it?
E-mail Ashley Grunhovd (e-mail address listed above), if you have a long story to tell or a lot of information to communicate.
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The following question asks whether other parishes in the Diocese of Fargo may contact you directly, if they have question or would like to hear more about your project.
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