Sponsor has his hand on the right shoulder of a young boy being confirmed by Bishop Folda 

In the Diocese of Fargo the sacraments of Confirmation and First Holy Eucharist are celebrated together at the same Mass.  The usual age for the reception of these sacraments third grade.  Pastors and parents are encouraged to address their questions regarding the celebration of these sacrament and the Confirmation to the Liturgy Office.  Questions regarding sacramental preparation should be directed to the Office of Catechesis.

For general questions regarding confirmation, read our confirmation FAQ (PDF)

Documents to Prepare for Regional Confirmation and First Eucharist

Regional Confirmation and First Eucharist Schedule

Confirmation Source Documents

“The Sacrament of Confirmation”

A presentation given by Archbishop Samuel Aquila at The Liturgical Institute in June 2011:

Other Documents

Learn more about sacramental preparation for DREs and parents.